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Ultrasonic Machine (Mini)

Machine introduction
PT Ultrasonic Washer series, for using aqueous solvent as the washing agent. This series of washer is nowadays commonly applying in electroplating industry (especially for the before plating and after plating management), watch and clock precision parts, metal and machinery parts, jewelry industry, optical industry with glass and touch screen, spectacle frame, glass frame, glassware, etc. It is the most efficient and accurate cleaning device for deep and precision cleaning.

Machine Feature

  1. Using SUS304 stainless steel for the tank, stamping without welding, good waterproof
  2. Adopt the most advanced transducer paste process, no welding inside the tank, to improve the conversion efficiency of the transducer and cleaning performance, and good to extend lifespan (first one to adopt)
  3. The baskets are made by stainless steel nets by welding, to help improve the cleaning effect
  4. The wattage of each ultrasonic transducer is 60 watt
  5. Ultrasonic time could be adjusted from 0-20 minutes to meet different cleaning requirements
  6. Drain and cooling devices are available in machine of 6L or over, quick to drain the waste water.
  7. Temperature could be adjusted from 20-80 oC
  8. The case using good quality anti-fingerprint stainless steel plate, looks beautiful, core components are imported abroad.
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